About the corporate program

What can unite more than training with the colleagues? Only finishing the half marathon with the entire office! I LOVE RUNNING invites you to unite employees with a common goal – to train for the race and to finish miles all together! Joint training twice a week improves health, energizes, helps to self-develop and teaches how to work in a team. We can also arrange team building activities at the worldwide level: I LOVE RUNNING has 43 branches in 8 countries!

Sport activities help to develop new qualities extremely important in business. Employees will start to use them at work!

What teaches running?

  • Setting goal

  • Nothing is impossible

  • Discipline

  • Project work

  • Team work

  • Keeping up with the deadline


We also can organize corporate classes in swimming, cycling and triathlon for your company! Or host a corporate sports event!

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We are happy to have in your office for colleagues, motivating and inspiring lecture DREAM IT. DO IT. about goals in business and sports with Maxim Zhurilo — Creator of I LOVE RUNNING school.

If it makes you uncomfortable to talk about right now, write
Irina Moscovkina in the mail ira@iloverunning.ru

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